Wednesday, January 04, 2006


OK. It's been over a year since the Indian Ocean Tsunami. A whole year since more than 200,000 people perished because of this natural disaster. Many of the victims were from the Asian subcontinent. In countries such as India, Sri Lanka, & Indonesia. These countries were badly ravaged, but what the media did not show is that thousands of people in Africa were affected by the Tsunami.

That's right. You heard me correctly, Africa. Somalia was badly affected, and the worst hit Somali community was on the peninsula of Hafun. Lives and livlihoods were lost. Most Somalis live off of the fishing industry, so this was a grave loss for them. When the tsunami struck it swept away boats, inundated plots and destroyed around 800 buildings. Across Somalia a total of 600 boats were lost, depriving whole communities of a means of earning their living.

While the entire world looked towards Asia, Africa suffered in silence (Again). I doubt that Somalia recieved much aid from red-cross or the U.S govt. It saddens me that racism still effects whether or not innocent people recieve help, or media attention.

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izzymo said...

Subhan'Allah, it's so fashionable to ignore Africa, isn't it? If you hadn't posted about this, I wouldn't have known.