Friday, March 10, 2006

30 Min. Megamix from the music of Muslim rapper Paris...Listen and pass it on!!!

-Adisa Banjoko


Anonymous said...

After having been Muslim for three years, he says he no longer is but that he's open to many beliefs

So much for Muslim in front of Rapper.

Too bad, he is a very intelligent man.

Abdul-Halim V. said...

Yeah, I was actually wondering about that too. Thanks for the reference.

The Bishop of Hip Hop said...

All I know is, I talk to him several times a week. He was in the NOI, got out, and does not go to the masjid and things like that.

However, there is more Islamic courage in his music, and in the things he writes and says than in many of todays rappers. He supports many Muslim rappers and causes privately and publically. I hope you guys slow down your rush to judge this brother.

I have heard several Imams say that if the sahaba saw todays ummah that they would not consider most of us Muslim. so who are we to judge?

Have you heard him to refer to any other God than Allah (SWT) on his records? The answer is no.

I hope you guys can learn to open your mind and enjoy the music.

Maybe he's TOO BLACK for you. Well, if the Muslims in this ummah were more serious, thats where their dawa in America and abroad would be more focused.

I see a lot of Muslim "brothers" from overseas who sell haram things to the Black community. Then I look at this brother, who is honest enough with himself about his din to acknowledge he does not practice as well as he could- and we give HIM flack...

So sad...May Allah (SWT) open our hearts to have more courage and compassion in these times.


Abdul-Halim V. said...


I don't think anyone was trying to *judge* in some kind of holier than thou type of way. Anonymous called him "very intelligent" and I definitely wasn't trying to say anything negative about his character, intentions, courage, or intelligence. But according to the article anonymous referred to, Paris himself is saying that he isn't Muslim.

But since you know him a lot better than either of us, you have more context and insight into what exactly he meant by his comments.

If I read an article where he said he was Muslim, I would definitely want to take that at face value.