Tuesday, July 18, 2006

US becoming more diverse

This article states that the minority groups are now almost 1/3 of the population here in the US.

It also quotes the Washington Post's statistic that almost 50% of this country’s children under 5 years old are racial or ethnic minorities. The article states:

Future Americans may come to view the very concept of minority groups as a thing of the past. With intermarriage rates high, the American future may come to resemble well-known individuals of mixed racial heritage, like golfer Tiger Woods, actor Keanu Reeves or singer-songwriter Norah Jones. As Gregory Rodriguez, Irvine Senior Fellow at the New America Foundation, writes: “What, when each generation is more racially and ethnically mixed than its predecessor, does race even mean any more?”
I'm not so optimistic. My own view is that the definition of 'white' will simply expand to incorporate mixed race individuals who are Latin/white or Asian/white mix but not those who have significant African blood.

The most common interracial coupling is Asian/white followed by Latin/white and the children of those unions for the most part will socially be ‘white’ (or at least NOT black) as time passes.

In other words, individuals such as Keanu Reeves and Norah Jones will simply be 'white', while individuals like Tiger Woods and Amerie Rogers will still be considered black (at least to an extent) in spite of the fact that all four are half Asian.

This will be more and more prevalent as the US moves from its current white/non-white dichotomy to a non-black/black dichotomy.


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