Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Why Blackamericans must change their attitude

The NYT has an article that talks about the divide between blacks and Latinos in the deep South. This is a microcosm of a larger and growing problem that more and more blacks are having as they are replaced in the workforce by the cheaper labor pool represented by the Latinos.

One again, let me make it clear that I am not anti-Latino, but we have to look at the ramifications of bringing in millions of new low-skilled Laborers is having on those who are currently citizens. Even the black elite is not making an issue of this.

Blacks here, who had settled into a familiar, if sometimes uneasy, relationship with whites, are now outnumbered by Hispanics. The two groups, who often live and work side by side, compete fiercely for working-class jobs and government resources. By several measures, blacks are already losing ground.

The jobless rate for black men in Georgia is nearly triple that of Hispanic men, labor statistics show. More blacks than Hispanics fail to meet minimum standards in Atkinson County public schools. And many blacks express anguish at being supplanted by immigrants who know little of their history and sometimes treat them with disdain as they fill factory jobs, buy property, open small businesses and scale the economic ladder.


Some Hispanics say African-Americans treat them with hostility and disparage them with slurs, even though blacks know the sting of racism all too well. They say many blacks are jealous of their progress and resent the fact that whites, who dominate the business sector, look increasingly to Hispanics to fill work forces. Blacks say employers favor immigrants because they work for less money.

Not able to find jobs in the legitimate workforce and feeling resentful, blacks then turn to crime:

The killing of six Mexican farm workers in a robbery last year in Tifton, about 30 miles away — and the arrest of four black men in the case — has heightened the friction. Nothing so violent has occurred here, but some Hispanics say black criminals focus on immigrants in this town, too.

This then leads to even more tensions and resentment on the other side.

Speaking of blacks, Benito Gonz├ílez, 51, a Mexican who has worked alongside them at a poultry plant, said: “They don’t like to work, and they’re always in jail. If there’s hard work to be done, the blacks, they leave and they don’t come back. That’s why the bosses prefer Mexicans and why there are so many Mexicans working in the factories here.” [More…]
This is the catch. I have seen this first hand. Many blacks do not want to work hard. The reason I am stressing this is because it DOES affect us as Blackamerican Muslims (no matter what some protest) and we must instill a new work ethic into our children. We must stress delayed gratification, ambition, education, hard work other traits that lead to success.


Jamerican Muslimah said...

Do you really think Black people do not want to work? Do you think, generally speaking, the work ethnic in our community needs to be restored?

Tariq Nelson said...

Do you really think Black people do not want to work? Do you think, generally speaking, the work ethnic in our community needs to be restored?

Generally speaking, yes I do think not only that work ethic needs to be restored in the black american community, but it has to rise to a new level in order to be able to compete