Thursday, November 09, 2006

The "New Passing"

Hot discussion going on over at my blog over the merits of black converts playing up their non-black heritage in the Muslim world and/or marrying non-blacks in order to lighten up their families and (hopefully) allowing their children to "pass" into non-blackness to avoid racism

Link: The New 'Passing'


Ify Okoye said...

Asalamu alaykum,

Personally, I've never understood why people would think interracial marriage would make things easier for their children. I've always thought it would be harder for the kids to integrate coming from a mixed background.

Jamerican Muslimah said...

What brother Tariq said in his post is so very on point. I've seen it a thousand times over in the largely immigrant community I live in. (Many of the Black people in the community are married to Arabs). I've also experienced it as someone who is not usually identified as Black (that is until I take my hijab off). I've also noticed how acceptance of Black people in many largely immigrant communities is contingent upon the person's ability to "blend in". If not blend in at least downplay their blackness.

I was recently shocked to find that one my Arab friends thought I was not Black at all (until she saw a picture of my family). I'm sure now that I have been "outted" as being Black I've gone down in the estimation of many people. It's sad and frustrating.

I just hope people don't opt for passing. Stay Black, proud, strong and Muslim.