Saturday, December 30, 2006

6th annual alim winter program

6th Annual
ALIM Winter Program

"The History & Development of Islamic Thought"

Dates: Friday, January 12th, 2007 through Monday January 15th, 2007

New York University (NYU)
Washington Square Park
New York, NY 10011

Dr. Ali Sulaiman Ali
Dr. Muneer Fareed
Dr. Abdul-Hakim Jackson
Dr. Umar Faruq Abd-Allah (Tentative)

Tuition: $125 Student, $150 Professional, $250 Couple (includes all meals, not lodging)

Registration: Click Here to Register Online!!

Refund policy: Cancellations requiring refunds will be according to the following policy. Full refunds will be awarded until 12/31/06, or if your application has not been accepted. After 12/31/06, 50% of the tuition paid will be refunded. After 1/5/07 no refunds will be awarded.

Babysitting: TBD

Lodging: ALIM is currently working out a discounted rate for all participants of the ALIM Winter Program.

Not complete until payment and essay are complete. First come, first admitted based upon acceptance of application.

Haaris Ahmad (734) 652-0345

unity through sacred knowledge convention

AL-RISALA Center For Islamic Knowledge



The effort to begin to unite the Muslim Ummah
on the basis of Islamic Sacred Knowledge!

DATE: Saturday, January 20TH
TIME: promptly 12pm-7pm
LOCATION: Morehouse College
King Chapel Auditorium 830 Westview Dr. Atlanta, Ga 30314

Featuring the following guest speakers:
Sheikh Harun Faye (Senegal
Sheikh Muhammad Ninowy (Syria)
Sheikh Dawoud Bojang (CICG)
Muhammad Abdul-Haqq (Sankoree)
Imam Nadim Ali (LPC)
Ustadh Jamal Ud-Deen Hysaw
Sister Huma Faruqi
Brother Mansoor Sabree
Ustadha Zaynab Ansari
and more!

Also featuring Islamic Poetry and Quran Recitation!

Tickets: $10 adult
$5 student/child
Vending $25

Proceeds go to the new building fund for Al-Risala Institute

Purchase Now!

You may also mail a check or money order directly to

1288 Lucile Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30310

Al-Risala Center for Islamic Knowledge Homepage

Monday, December 18, 2006

duse muhammad ali

From time to time, I've looked online for good info on Duse Muhammad Ali but it wasn't until recently that I found an article worth linking to: Early American Islam: “Duse Muhammad Ali” and the “Universal Islamic Society” from Hood's Islamic Law etc. blog. For those who do not know, Duse Muhammad Ali was an early Pan-African Muslim (Egyptian/ Sudanese background) who influenced and inspired Marcus Garvey. Personally, I think Duse Muhammad is interesting because he stands out as an influential Muslim of African-descent in the West during the period after slavery but before the Moorish Science movement.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Flickr Show of Timbuktu Exhibit

Salaam alaikum

Oh, I've been very neglectful. I haven't posted here in so long but here is something fun.

Here is a flickr show of the
Legacy of Timbuktu: Wonders of the Written Word
exhibit at the International Museum of Muslim Cultures.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

the israel lobby and u.s. foreign policy

While we are on the subject of candid descriptions of what is going on in Israel, it seems appropriate to mention the controversial paper The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy by John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt. The basic premise of the paper is that pro-Israel lobby has been rather effective in influencing U.S. policies in the Middle East, even to the detriment of American security interests. In a lot of ways, the contents of the paper aren't particularly radical or new. What is different this time around is the academic credentials of the authors (Mearsheimer is a tenured political science professor at the University of Chicago. Walt is academic dean of the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University)

Wikipedia: The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy
Democracy Now!: Study Alleging Dominant Influence of Israeli Lobby Sparks Heated Fallout

jimmy carter and the a-word

Jimmy Carter's new book Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid certainly doesn't make Carter the first person to suggest that there are similarities between Israel's policies towards Palestinians and the old South African regime's racial seperation policies. (Even Desmond Tutu, another Nobel Peace Prize laureate, has made such comparisons as far back as the 1980's.) But Carter's latest book does make him the most prominent American statesman to use this sort of language. Perhaps it will help the US electorate to move a little closer to the rest of the world when it comes to viewing the situation in the Middle East?

Another question which comes to mind is: What happens when we consider the implied comparison from the other direction? In other words, are "we" as Muslims able to on other anti-colonial and anti-racist struggles in the world with the same energy and vigor that our communities apply to the situation in Palestine? What if the victims have no association with Islam? What about when the oppressors are identified as "Muslim"?

Food for thought.

ZNet: Peace Not Apartheid
NPR: Jimmy Carter on Conflict in the Middle East
Counterpunch: Jimmy Carter and the A-word
The American Muslim: Jimmy Carter on Apartheid in Palestine
Haaretz: Notes on Carter's 'apartheid' analogy
Wikipedia: Allegations of Israeli Apartheid

"to the shores of tripoli..."

For a little bit of a follow-up on this Dennis Prager article, check out "to the shores of tripoli..." on Planet Grenada.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

"i'm not sure about the universe"

A saying, often attributed to Albert Einstein goes: "Only, two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity... and I'm not sure about the universe."

Here is an example from Dennis Prager: America, Not Keith Ellison, decides what book a congressman takes his oath on

Basically, recently elected Muslim Congressman (takbir!) Keith Ellison announced that he would take his oath of office on a Quran instead of a Bible. And Dennis Prager, who apparently is advocating for America as a homogeneous Bible-based culture, seems to have a problem with it. In every other sentence of his tirade Prager alternates between displaying deep misunderstanding of Islam, the US Constitution, freedom of religion, American history and the nature of extremism.

For some non-stupid reponses to Prager's rant check out:
Taylor Marsh: That Uppity Democratic Muslim!
The Carpetbagger Report: It’s not a change of Biblical proportions
Professor Bainbridge's Journal: Dennis Prager goes off the Rails re Keith Ellison