Friday, April 18, 2008

andre carson became the second muslim elected to the u.s. congress

Tariq Nelson: Andre Carson becomes the second Muslim elected to the U.S. Congress.

“do good works, engage politically, and get involved” “Do good works, engage politically, and get involved” is an interview of the first Muslim U.S. Congressman Keith Ellison by Wajahat Ali.

dave chappelle gives salaams to fans

From MT Akbar (Chi-Town Revolutionary Guerrilla) : Dave Chapelle in the UK-Sends Salaams and Eid Mubarak to fans

spain to senegal: stay home

n These Times: Spain to Senegal: Stay Home by Adrián Bleifuss Prados deals with the various Spanish responses to African immigration.

Other entires on Spain as a place of immigration:
is spain realy racist?
points to paradise
spanish immigration ploy: hire mothers

franchisee sues islamic investment bank for racial discrimination

Thursday, April 17, 2008

say hello to...

The Tales of a Modern Muslimah: thoughts on Islam, race, gender and more from a young Muslimah living in the Wild West


"I'm a 23 year old Muslim Black American. I'm an undergrad at a Mid-Western university. I'd like to be a professor someday. I'm a Muslim black feminist and I love exploring how race, gender, religion, and also class intersect to influence our lives."

blasphemy before god: the darkness of racism in muslim culture

the imam and the pastor

being muslim and trying to connect to my nigerian heritage: no easy task

a fluid conversation

omar & pete

This film features two Muslims from Baltimore that have spent the last 30 years in and out of prison. This sad film gives a lot of insight to the institutionalized mentality many (Muslim and non-Muslim alike) suffer from upon entering the penal system at a young age. The things these men see and go through at a young age are difficult for those who are blessed to have grown up in stable and loving families to put their minds around.

The trailer and film synopsis are below (thanks to Abdul Qaadir for sending this)

ahhh, yemen!

A Singular Voice: Ahhhh, Yemen! brings up the racism which is still affecting Yemeni society.

the "immigrant muslim syndicate"

A Singular Voice: “Immigrant Muslim Syndicate”: The Evidence addresses some of the poor choices Blackamerican Muslims are faced with when it comes to organized Islam in the US.

skin deep: indian man drove his wife to suicide by calling her "black"

Jezebel by way of Kameelah:

A man was sentenced to two years in jail for driving his wife to suicide by calling her "black." This was in India, where, as previously reported, fair skin is highly deisired, and where being called dark is "worse than physical torture," according to the court. In the case, Syed Fathima was so distressed after two months of marriage to Farook Batcha (two months of constant fighting, and of him calling her too dark) that she put an end to the marriage — and her life — by pouring kerosene over her head and setting herself on fire. Just a note to the people who don't think it's a big deal when fashion designers refuse to use black models: It's all related, and it's global. [The Times Of India]

a common faith, but little common ground?

Washington Post: A Common Faith, but Little Common Ground? discusses how the American Muslim community is less than perfectly united (although still more united than American Christendom)