Friday, June 20, 2008

The Zakat Institute

An interesting post over at the Detroit Blog on Bilal Hajj and his East Side Detroit enterprise. The roots of proto-Islamic movements in Detroit runs deep.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

questions of race in islam

progress theatre's freedom song

Interfaith touring ensemble, Progress Theatre [PT], exemplifies their mission to use art to breakdown stereotypes and inspire cross-community dialogue with their performance of "The Freedom Song" at the Washington D.C. premiere of the "Prince Among Slaves" documentary. PT's emotional performance gives voice to both the unity and diversity of the ensembles' intersecting identities as Muslim Americans, African Americans and Young Americans invested in the promise of Freedom. "The Freedom Song" is originally featured in PT's musical play "'MEMBUH: Confessions of The Only Generation" to honor the legacy of enslaved Africans in the Americas--many who were Muslims--whose survival, resistance and faith ensured the existence of future generations.

Monday, June 16, 2008

"bean pie my brother?"

yet another entry in the US Muslim Film Contest:

perspectives on jazz culture

Another entry from the US Muslim film contest:


An entry from the US Muslim Film Contest

the writings of yusef lateef

Blatantly stolen from Marc Manley over at The Manrilla Blog:

"From a small, self-published book entitled Something Else, jazz legend Yusef Lateef published an engaging book back in 1973. Yusef, who is known as a master multi-instrumentalist, is also a gifted writer, producing everything from short plays, essays, and poetry [as in this installment]. I have been putting segments of the book up on line. Here's the newest addition for your reading pleasure:

For more of Something Else, just visit the Blog and see the links under "Reads" on the right-hand side.


Dr. Hip Slick: On Hipness
Ode To Pieter Bruegel
Spiritual Aspects of Creating Music
The Constitution of Aesthetics, The Declaration of Genius and The Aesthetic Address
The Garments
The Outgame

lifting the veil on black islam


Tariq Nelson has a recent post Lifting the Veil on ‘Black’ Islam which is a commentary on Lifting The Veil On Black Islam In The 215 by Jeff Deeny over at the Phawker blog. Both pieces are about the Black Muslim community in Philadelphia, especially in the wake of the Germantown Masjid's decision to not bury a Muslim who was implicated in the death of a police officer.