Friday, January 13, 2006

So-Called Compassionate Conservatives

See, this is what happens when you start thinking about the drivel of right-wing, "compassionate" conservatives.

From my entry on telling it like it is

"Racism today is no longer overt. While the occasional shouting of a racial slurs does happen in many parts the world, current society tells us that such things are unacceptable. Polite society does not allow for the use of ethnic slurs or obvious statements of racial superiority. Racism has evolved into a more discreet but nonetheless noxious form. It's when political ideologues muse about the abortion of young Black baby boys to reduce crime. It's when people compliment you on how well you speak your mother tongue and how well articulate your thoughts. It's when in the face of obvious injustices, such as the latest hurricane relief efforts, that they refuse to question or even entertain the idea that racism exists. It's just some thing of the 1960s. Slavery is over. Jim Crow is over. Move on....

There aren't enough glowing recommendations from professors,
or honors and accolades,
or straight As,
or strong work ethics,
or medals and plaques
or clean records or no prison histories,
no drugs in the urine tests,
or glowing words from other white employees
for people like O'Reilly, Coulter, Bennett, Hannity and all the other neocon-artists to see beyond the fact that they can't see past Blackness.


Scott said...

I've often said I think overt racism is, in a sense, better than this veiled stuff. At least when someone comes out and says it, you know where they stand. When they hide it, they can fool people and affect policy and such with it. "Well I read 'The Bell Curve' and..." etc.

I feel the same way with people voting for Bush cause he has "good moral values." While he's preaching about good moral values in the open, behind closed doors he's sending our future to hell.

Abdul-Halim V. said...

Yes. Exactly.

(Except I wouldn't call The Bell Curve covert.)

izzymo said...

Salaamz Scott and Abdul-Halim,
That's what makes this racism so evil. They dress it up to make it seem like they care about minorities and women. Very dajjalic.

Aaminah said...


Izzy, I was really touched when I read the original piece on your blog and there was too much I wanted to comment on, this covert vs. overt racism being one issue, that I felt I should write a post on my own blog. As you know, I've been a bit busy the past week or so and haven't had a chance to do that yet. So I will share one thing I was planning to post on this specific matter: My (adoptive) mother was raised in Mississippi and moved to Michigan about 35 years ago. She always raised us to be aware of things. But one thing that just drove her crazy (and this is a white woman, and one who unfortunately now does think that racism is pretty much a thing of the past and she lived to see its death - laugh or you'll cry) was that at least in the south racism was open (which is not to say that all southern white folk are racist because that is most definitely not true) and in the north it was hidden and sneaky and far more frightening. I'll take the open bigot that I can ignore or at least be forewarned about over the closet KKK member any day!