Saturday, March 04, 2006

the second message of islam

thanks to George Kelly, I found out about this page of links (books, journals, and articles) focusing on Islam and Africa. There is a good amount of interesting material there. Some of it on the scholarly side, dealing not just with "theology" but with culture and politics. And in multiple languages too (English, Spanish, French and Portuguese).

Right now, the piece which stands out the most for me is a pamphlet called: An Introduction To The Second Message of Islam, which briefly summarizes some of the ideas of Sudanese reformer Mahmoud Muhammad Taha. His basic idea seems to be that in the past, Muslim societies were only ready to implement a certain portion of the Quran. But in more recent times, after certain developments and changes have happened, we are able to understand and apply the Quran in a deeper way and we are ready for the "second message of Islam" which for Taha happens to include a vision of freedom, equality and democratic socialism.

Here is a website dedicated to the ideas of Mahmoud Muhammad Taha and here is the Wikipedia entry on him.


on trial said...

I do agree with you when you say that Islam wasn't practiced the way it is being practiced now yet, I wouldn't give it a negative connotation because we do have to be sensitive to the fact that technological innovations too, added to the question of right or wrong. For instance, when the telegraph was a 'new' invention, in Saudi; the religious center, mutawwas were of the opinion that these 'innovations' cannot be accommodated in Islam. From a period that was relatively orthodox in its true sense, to now, people have begun to understand that Islam is not to be taken literally. After all, the emphasis on education is evident from the first verse revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)- "Iqra" (Read). So definitely, one has

Abdul-Halim V. said...

Yes, I think that makes sense. I wasn't trying to create a negative impression. I took the idea to be that Islam per se, is the ideal, and as Muslims we strive to continually implement it more perfectly.

Mary said...
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