Monday, April 24, 2006

hail polygamy

The heavens forbid,
But that our loves and comforts
Should increase,
Even as our days do grow.
- Shakespeare, Othello

From the Jamaica Observer: Hail Polygamy by Tony Robinson

This article isn't from a Muslim perspective, but it does offer a pragmatic (leaning towards irrevernt) look at a subject with some connection to Islam.

For the record, I'm not gung ho about polygamy. It is obviously not for everyone and there are special challenges faced by polygamous marriages in contemporary times. Everyone involved has to work harder to be respectful of the other people's feelings and not everyone has the patience, discipline, or tolerance inside them to make it all work. A close Egyptian friend of mine had her father "marry on" her mother and it wasn't a good scene.

At the same time, in some contexts I think it can make a lot of sense. And in modern times, when Western societies are redefining in basic ways what the institution of marriage even means, it is kind of funny to me that there aren't more people advocatating for what is arguably a very "traditional" and time-tested structure.

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