Thursday, March 15, 2007

Black Vote vs Islamic Justice

In light of the recent New York Times article, the 2008 election will present some interesting questions for Blackamerican Muslims. Clearly, there are candidates who support the domestic interests of the black community more than others.

Nevertheless, as Muslims, they will also be faced with candidates, both Republican and Democrat who are unflinching in their biased support for the Israeli Zionist (Apartheid-like) regime and hell-bent on sending more troops (many of them black and/or Muslim) into Afghanistan, and perhaps most disturbingly of all, attacking Iran (actions that morally conscious Muslims do not support).

There are alternative candidates who support more "just" positions, yet they have little chance of winning in a two-party system. Should Muslims, particularly Blackamerican Muslims, choose the "lesser of two evils?"


Anonymous said...

MusliRican said...

i think that's the problem with our country. we are always choosing the lesser of two evils instead of having the balls to vote alternative party. either way we are essentially screwed, so why not vote for a candidate you really believe in?