Sunday, September 21, 2008

reflection on the passing of the imam

Here is a collection of links on Imam W.D. Mohammed and his passing. The numbered links are borrowed shamelessly from Akram's Razor. But the first half-dozen or so are "extra".

The Best of Dr. Marvin X: Muslim Leader Imam Warithdin Muhammad Makes Transition
My Islamic Perspective: Remembering Imam W. D. Mohammed (UPDATED)
The American Muslim: Remembering Imam W. D. Muhammad by Abdul Malik Mujahid
Chicago Tribune: Thousands gather in Villa Park for funeral of Imam W. Deen Mohammed by Margaret Ramirez and Noreen Ahmed-Ullah
Detroit Free Press: Hamtramck-born Islamic imam who led thousands dies


  1. Zahed Amanullah. "The Imam Cares" (alt.muslim)
  2. Seeker's Digest: "Passing of Imam WD Mohammed - The Death of a Great Leader of Islam in the West"

  3. Islamicate: "Warith Dean Mohammed is Dead"
  4. SaqibSaab at Muslim Matters: "Thoughts After Attending The Janazah of Imam W. D. Mohammed"
  5. Rickshaw Diaries: "RIP: Imam W. Deen Muhammad"
  6. Koonj: "Imam Warith Deen Muhammad: a leader among leaders"
  7. Just Another Angry Black Muslim Woman? "Death of a Pioneer: Warith Deen Muhammad October 30, 1933-Sept.9, 2008"
  8. SunniSister: Imam Warith Deen
  9. ThirdResurrection: w.d. mohammed dies
  10. Tariq Nelson: "W Deen Mohammed 1933-2008"
  11. Akram's Razor: "Imam W.D. Mohammed has left us"
  12. Azhar Usman: "An Apology: Heartfelt reflections on the passing of a legendary Blackamerican Muslim leader"
  13. Dynamite Soul: "A word about Imam Warith Deen Mohammad"
  14. Imam Zaid Shakir: "Imam Warith Deen Muhammad (1933-2008)"
  15. Sisterdoc: "Peace and Blessings Imam W.D. Mohammed-R.I.P."

Rest of the Blogosphere:

  1. Mata H at Blogher: "The death of Imam W. Deen Mohammed and 'A Summit on Religious Faith, Torture, and Our National Soul'"
  2. David Waters: "W.D. Mohammed's Spiritual Maturity"
  3. Marc Lamont Hill: "R.I.P. Warith Deen Muhammad"
  4. John Esposito: "W.D. Mohammed: A Witness for True Islam"


  1. Michelle Gallardo. "Prayer services for Imam W. D. Mohammed" (a Chicago TV station)
  2. Margaret Ramirez and Noreen Ahmed-Ullah. "Thousands gather in Villa Park for funeral of Imam W. Deen Mohammed" (Chicago Tribune)
  3. Margaret Ramirez, Manya A. Brachear and Ron Grossman.
  4. "Muslim America's rebellious son" (The Chicago Tribune)
  5. Sophia Tarteen: "Former Nation of Islam leader W.D. Mohammed dies" (Associated Press)
  6. Niraj Warikoo: "Muslim leader Warith Deen Mohammed dies" (FREEP)
  7. Patricia Sullivan: "W.D. Mohammed; Changed Muslim Movement in U.S." (Washington Post)
  8. Time Online: "Imam W. D. Mohammed: influential US Sunni Muslim leader"
  9. Malise Ruthven: "Imam who succeeded his father as leader of the Nation of Islam" (The Guardian)


  1. A guest book dedicated to the memory of Imam W.D. Mohammed
  2. An audio recording of the Muslim Journal's press conference
  3. "This Far by Faith: Warith Deen Muhammad" , an episode of a PBS series on great religious leaders dedicated to WDM
  4. Taylor Branch: "The Anointed Son: The story behind W.D. Mohammed's momentous break with his father and his alliance with Malcolm X." (Beliefnet)
  5. A bio of WDM at an Atlanta mosque.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen this one?
As Salaam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatu,

So You Want To Help Black Muslims?

Since the departure of Imam Warith Deen Muhammad (may Allah be pleased
with him), I have heard numerous cries in the greater Muslim community
to "help" Black Muslims in America. The following is an open letter
in response to, and in reflection on, these offers.

In the Black community we have a long history of brothers with sincere
intentions to "help". However a common theme has emerged. Usually
that help is always in the areas that matter little (in the grand
scheme of things) such as teaching us the proper way to place our feet
during salah, how to never stand up in the bathroom, and other

Inevitably these "helpers" become increasingly condescending in
attitude, and overbearing in approach.

What our community needs right now, more than anything, are leaders
from within, as opposed to "helpers" from without. But that's an
internal matter, which will be solved soon, if Allah swt pleases.

I know full well the way that the statement sounds, however consider
how much "need" Indo-Pakistanis, in India and Pakistan, would feel for
an American (be they Black or White) to come teach them how to be

In the Black community real life needs are all too often lacking, like
food, clothing, shelter, and familial closeness. Until those needs
are met, the vast majority of Black brothers and sisters will have
very little time or energy to direct toward the perfection of tajweed,
memorization of Quran, Ahadith, etc.

Of course there are those among us who can and do master these fields
of endeavor, but such men and women are a vast minority. Diamonds in
the rough.

The Islam which we need so badly in our community must have at its
forefront the solutions to the everyday needs of life. Our Islam must
give us practical steps to take us out of debt, away from riba, away
from fornication, adultery, vulgarity, unhealthy foods, and unclean

Our Islam must have the force to destroy 400+ years of programming and
self-hate. Our Islam must be one which raises up the human being to
the rightful postion Allah swt intends us to occupy, as Khalifas in
the Earth, not one which reinforces blind submission to authority and
an ingrained feeling of impotence and weakness.

I, being a Black Man, who understands fully the needs in our
community, challenge my brothers and sisters in Islam from across the
globe to help us as you would help your own family, not as you might
help untrusted, and unrespected strangers.

If you are willing to truly "want for your brother what you want for
yourselves" then I offer you the sincere opportuity to assist us in
our rise to join the ranks of the righteous, the educated, and the

If however, you are simply willing to offer us more classes on
tajweed, more advice on how to use the toilet, and more criticisms of
our pronunciation of "As Salaam Alaikum", then, on behalf of our
community, I repectfully decline your help.

wa Allahu Alim (And Allah Knows Best)


Zeaun Zarrieff

Zeaun Zarrieff is an IT Professional by trade, a Black Man by birth,
and a Muslim by divine will.
Zeaun resides in the Chicagoland area of Northern Illinois and is a
regular contributor to several blogs and speaking venues

Zeaun Zarrieff said...


I had no idea that this letter of mine had traveled so widely.

Jazakallah khair for posting this.

-Zeaun Zarrieff