Friday, November 28, 2008

Go Forth Romantic Warrior!

Go Forth Romantic Warrior!
By Imam Zaid on 28 October 2008

Go forth romantic warrior,
to slay the beast of self.
Go forth into the field of life,
and relish in the wealth.

Go forth romantic warrior,
transcend the chains of time.
Go forth beyond this world of strife,
to learn of life sublime.

Go forth romantic warrior,
no more shall your heart bleed.
Go forth to find your love so rife,
intention is your deed.

The Road Home

If the road endures for one more bend,
or twist, before we reach the end.
If our hope endures for one more day,
then surely we will find our way.

If we can fly where only eagles dare,
our hearts will find Him waiting there.
if our weary feet can onward trod,
our journey’s end will be to God.

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