Tuesday, July 18, 2006

black/muslim split?

South Florida Sun-Sentinel: Dispute over mosque sheds light on black, Muslim split by Gregory Lewis is a follow-up on issue we've already referenced in: muslims and the black community


Tariq Nelson said...

This split is a growing concern that we need to addres

Laury Silvers said...

This article was odd to me. It assumes that all Muslims who are in predominantly Black communities are immigrants. But how does it work in communities in which the majority of the Muslim community is Blackamerican. When I lived in New Haven that was the case. They have built up that neighborhood into something so beautiful and powerful for everyone there. They have healthy relations with everyone to the best of my knowledge. The city even renamed a street after the Prophet (s)! Maybe someone needs to go talk to them about how to do it. Those are some of the best people I have ever known in my life.

Tariq Nelson said...


I know of another Muslim community in New Jersey that was predominately blackamerican and the city also named the street after the community. The difference is that in both of those instances (my example and yours) the Muslim community took an active interest in what was going on in the city

Anonymous said...

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