Sunday, July 02, 2006

the courts of somali opinion

It's hard for me to look at the U.S. response to the situation in Somalia and not think that this is a war on Islam. Why else would the US prefer the anarchy of the warlords to a unified Islamic regime (among a Muslim population)?

Alt.Muslim: The Courts of Somali Opinion


B.A.Rak said...

I don't see the US response to Somalia so much as a war on Islam as much as it's simply a war to maintain US dominance. The US will support an Islamic regime if it benefits from it. The previous US support of the Taliban, it's current relationship with Saudi Arabia, etc. is proof of this. I think it's really careless to think the US has some religious purity it's pushing other than one that simply keeps itself in power. The US will support ANYONE who keeps to this. Pushing the debate into US vs Islam is just inaccurate I feel.

The latest from Somalia's saviors:

Warlords is just a name that can be applied to anyone. Certainly the SICC is little better?

Abdul-Halim V. said...

I think it depends on your perspective somewhat. I mean, if US policymakers are working with a clash-of-civilizations mentality, it still might be beneficial to make temporary truces with certain regimes (like Saudi Arabia).

Secondly, there is some question of whether the Saudi Regime itself is really "Islamic" and acting in the interests of Muslims.

Anonymous said...

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