Tuesday, August 01, 2006

the seven habbits of highly effective communities

2006 Rawdah
AUGUST 4, 5, and 6
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective
How We Can Break the Vicious Cycle of Broken Communities,
Broken Families, and Broken People in Order to Unify and Strengthen Our Communities
The Text:
Risaalah lil-Amraad Shaafiyah Fiha Nasihah lil-Aghraad Kaafiyah
The Great West African Scholar, Statesman, and Nation Builder
Amiru’l-Mu’mineen Muhammad Bello ibn al-Mujaddid Shaykh Uthman ibn Fodiyo
(Allah Have Mercy On Him)

The Teachers:
Ustadh Adil Woods
Ustadha Latifa Ali
Imam Ibrahim Bilal
Ustadh Muhammad Abdul-Haqq
And Others…

The Venue:
The Philadelphia Masjid
4700 Wyalusing Avenue,
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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