Wednesday, August 23, 2006

whitney, osama and kola boof

This isn't exactly what I wanted to create the blog for but...
According to scribe Kola Boof, the Sudanese poet and novelist whose new book "Diary of a Lost Girl" details the inner circle of Bin Laden as one of his girlfriends.

Boof says bin Laden obsessed on singer Whitney Houston. "He said he had a paramount desire for Houston and although he claimed music was evil, he spoke of someday spending vast amounts of money to go to America and try to arrange a meeting." Boof added he couldn't stop talking about Whitney.

Boof also alleged that Bin Laden thought about having Whitney's husband Bobby Brown “rubbed out.”

Boof also revealed Bin Laden to be a complete racist. He couldn’t tolerate black people, according to the Sudanese writer.

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AlBaraa said...

i wonder how true the individual's claims are...